Spin Products

Tribbs Sport Products are about  making products available that are often hard to find or purchase.

First we recreated the Traveling Rings. Our Rings are very similar to the Traveling Rings at Santa Monica’s Old Muscle Beach.  We’ve made some small improvements to help accommodate the novice as well as the elite ringflyer.  Now anyone who wishes to have a set can order a few or as many as they like for their own personal use for backyard, home gym or Gymnastics and sports club.

Our second product is the innovative Simple Wheel.

Tribbs Sport Wheels are made to order and are manufactured right here in the USA just like our rings.Tribbs Sport

The Slice is made to order and can be purchased as an accessory to any Tribbs Sport Wheel.  It replaces one of the three sections to support the wheel in a free standing upright position.  The handles can be used to increase the acrobatic element in the simple wheel exercise while in motion or in a static position.